Google is an American company, as in the United States of America. That means that sometimes - okay, a lot of times - its new programs and promotions are first and often only available to Americans. But today our neighbors to the north finally get something that we don't. And it's pretty sweet: twenty bucks of free credit in the Play Store for owners of the Chromecast 2015 and/or the newer Chromecast Audio! That's better than a free Tim Horton's run.

The date of the promotion for the credit ends on September 8th according to the site, but multiple users on Reddit are saying that they can claim the credit for considerably older Chromecast purchases - some of them even for the older original Chromecast model. And some Canadians with the newer Chromecasts aren't seeing it. Yeah, we're used to some weird outliers in these Google promotions. (If you're wondering, Android TV purchases don't seem to be eligible, but with the inconsistencies observed so far it couldn't hurt to check.) It might even be open to more countries, though we haven't seen any others at the moment - the US and UK are certainly not invited.

Credit can be used for any purchase in the Play Store: apps, games, in-app purchases, books, movies, music, and even payment for a Play Music Unlimited subscription. Better still, the credit should stack with multiple qualifying Chromecast purchases - one Canadian Reddit poster said that he or she received $60 in Play Store credit. Get after it, because we don't know when the period for claiming this credit will truly end.