Do you want an excessively large tablet? No? Well if you and more people did, maybe the Samsung Galaxy View would have sold better. Instead, we've watched the tablet steadily drop down from its original price point of $599.99. Today you can get the device on sale for nearly half the cost at $349.99.

The discount is available at Amazon, BestBuy, and eBay. Only the black, Wi-Fi model is going for this price.

If you're not familiar with the Galaxy View, imagine a tablet large enough to carry like a brief case. At 18.4 inches, it's bigger than some TVs and is not a bad way to watch CNN.

To really replicate the couch experience and show off your over abundance of touchscreens, download Samsung's app for controlling the tablet from your phone. Whatever makes you feel the tablet is worth the $349.99 you're about to pay for it.