With Android 7.0 now officially rolling out to devices, you might wonder which non-Nexus phones will see the update some day. Sony has released a list of devices it intends to update to Nougat at some point in the not too distant future. The gist: if you've got a Sony phone from 2015 or 2016, you'll probably get the Nougat update.

The Sony devices confirmed to get Android 7.0 are as follows.

  • Xperia Z3+
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet
  • Xperia Z5
  • Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia XA
  • Xperia XA Ultra
  • Xperia X Performance

The Z3+ is the oldest device on that list, and was released in June of 2015. The Z5 family came out a few months later, and the Xperia X just launched a few months ago. Interestingly, the Xperia Z3 isn't included, but it did have a Nougat preview build. Sony offered a developer preview build of Nougat on the X Performance as well, so hopefully the final update won't take too long. Sony does not have a timeline for the OTA, but I'd expect at least a couple months until the first devices get Nougat. The update will be staged, so some regions may get it ahead of others.