To all of you Chase customers who have been longing for Android Pay support, it seems that your prayers have been heard. No longer will you have to purchase a Samsung or Apple device to be able to pay for things with your phone. According to an anonymous Chase employee, Chase will begin supporting Google's NFC-based payment system in just over two weeks.

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This leaked internal document is pretty straightforward; Android Pay will begin support for Chase cards on September 7th. This includes Chase consumer credit cards that are Visa-branded, both business and consumer debit cards, and Chase Liquid cards. Only the first sentence of the doc is relevant to us, as the rest of it is just a recap of what we already know. But what a magnificent sentence it is.

With this announcement, it appears that Chase is starting to give up on the disaster that is Chase Pay. The concept of using QR codes instead of NFC or MST was a failure at best. (Edit: This article previously called Chase Pay a "disaster." Chase Pay can't be considered a disaster because it hasn't fully rolled out yet. We regret the error.)

This news will no doubt come as a relief to all of you Chase users. No longer will you have to comment "Chase... you greedy bastards" or "Android Police should just put [NOT CHASE] on the title of these articles", because support is on its way to hush you all.

Google Pay (old app)
Google Pay (old app)
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