If your phone or tablet was part of the developer preview beta, you will probably be the first to get the update to the final build. We've gotten a lot of tips about the OTA hitting these devices, so head to your settings and check for updates.

This might require that you are enrolled in the Android beta, which comes with OTA updates. If you simply flashed the preview image at some point, you may have to manually update. Either way, it can't hurt to head to the update menu and check. If the OTA is available, it will be small—probably just 50-60MB. The OTA from Marshmallow will be much larger.


If you aren't part of the beta right now, you can try joining it and getting the update like that. That may be the fastest way. So far, we're getting lots of tips from owners of the 6P, 5X, and Nexus 9. The others probably won't be far behind.

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