Starting with the Galaxy S7 series, Samsung began offering gifts to customers who pre-ordered their phones. If you pre-ordered a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you got a free Gear VR. The South Korean tech giant offered a similar promotion, arguably even better, for the Galaxy Note7—you could choose to receive either a Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB microSD card. But a number of T-Mobile users are having issues claiming their gifts.

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The reason for this issue seems to be that T-Mobile began accepting Note7 pre-orders on August 3rd at midnight EST, but since T-Mobile is based in Washington, a state on the west coast, they use Pacific time for their ordering system. So if you pre-ordered a T-Mobile Note7 on August 3rd at 1am EST, the system recognized the order as being placed on August 2nd at 10pm.


Samsung's gift redemption website is only accepting applications if it sees that your pre-order was placed between August 3rd and August 28th, so it's programmed to automatically reject orders placed outside of those dates. Because of the time zone issue, Samsung's system is also seeing extremely early T-Mobile orders as being placed outside of the date range.

As a result, many early Note7 pre-orderers on T-Mobile are having issues claiming their gifts. The affected customers have contacted Samsung and T-Mobile customer service, but obviously neither were really able to help.

But now, we've received a statement from Samsung indicating they're not only aware of the problem, but that they'll be reaching out to affected customers soon to correct it. Here's the word from Samsung:

There was a minor error in our redemption system. This has been fixed and everyone who purchased their device within the promotion period will receive their device. Our fulfillment agency should be reaching out to affected customers over the next few days to confirm with them.

So, all should be well soon enough, eager T-Mobile Note7 pre-orderers.

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