Many years ago, people would pour quarters into arcade machines to play Q*bert. You are much more lucky—you can get Q*bert Rebooted for SHIELD at the low price of $5.99 and it's yours forever. This is a special edition title with improved visuals, but it's only for SHIELD devices.

Q*bert Rebooted offers two play modes; there's the classic version of the game and rebooted with some alterations to the gameplay and visuals. The classic one preserves the blocky pixelated style of the original game, but the rebooted version adds some new elements. For example, the blocks you jump around on aren't square, they're hexagons in a more complex pattern (no more isometeric pyramid). There are also some new enemies in Q*bert Rebooted.

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The game is designed to work with touchscreens, but there's also a TV interface for use on SHIELD Android TV devices with a controller. There aren't any in-app purchases or ads—buy the game, and it's all yours.