With Google Duo already released and working well, and rumors of Nougat coming on August 22nd, it's only a matter of time before we have Google's Assistant and its messaging app Allo in our hands.

In the meantime, what we have here is an early look at one of Allo's features: sticker packs. From the screenshots, it looks like Allo will come with 3 packs installed by default and others can be added later.

google-allo-stickers-1 google-allo-stickers-2 google-allo-stickers-3

There are 24 additional packs available in different styles and from different designers. As far as we can tell, there doesn't seem to be a way to add your own sticker packs from a URL or a Zip file, but that may or may not change in the future.

google-allo-sticker-packs-1 google-allo-sticker-packs-2 google-allo-sticker-packs-3 google-allo-sticker-packs-4

You can download as many packs as you'd like and rearrange them to show up in the order that you prefer under "My Stickers."

google-allo-stickers-mine-1 google-allo-stickers-mine-2

Most packs seem to contain around 24 stickers (6 rows of 4 stickers), but some packs have a bit less. You can scroll through this gallery for a preview of what each sticker pack contains. Keep in mind that some of these animate, so there's even more to enjoy than what you see in the screenshots.

If you're observant enough and you've counted correctly, you may have noticed that I only showed 23 of the additional packs above. That's because the one remaining pack deserves a mention all on its own. Julio the Bull is said to be a "suave seducer" and "hotheaded fitness addict," but he can also get a little raunchy sometimes. Between laying sexily in a red robe and asking "Who's your daddy?" and wiggling his "See Ya" engraved pecs, he has a bit of an NSFW vibe that you may want to watch out for when talking to people whose sense of humor you're not so sure of.

google-allo-sticker-packs-julio-bull-1 google-allo-sticker-packs-julio-bull-2

His best (or worst, depends on how you see it) stickers though are these two: the sideways stand where he wiggles his ass cheeks seductively and the very pink nipple squeezes. We've heard they're even funnier with the animations.

google-allo-stickers-nsfw-1 google-allo-stickers-nsfw-2

But Julio is not the only, shall we say, controversial sticker you might find in Allo. There are a few others interspersed in a couple of packs, though none are as sassy as him. Kind of Perfect Lovers has a seemingly innocent "Send pics" sticker that insinuates nudes if you look closely and Cool Beans shows up with an educational and smart "Rubber Up!" message in one of its stickers.

It's all a bit of a departure from the stickers available with Hangouts right now (and from the first stickers that were found inside the original leaked Allo APK), but I think it's funny, the sassy kind of funny, without being overly dirty or obnoxious. I do hope though that there's a way to limit which stickers show up, especially for kids.

As these stickers are being included in test preview versions of Allo, and you can see that some work has went into properly describing them and introducing them to users, we have reason to believe that these are the packs that will be available with the app. But as always, things can change between the test versions and the final release.