Benchmarking applications like 3DMark and PassMark are great for scoring the graphics or computational power of a given device. Nenamark 2 was a popular choice for benchmarking graphics back in the day, and five years after Nenamark 2 launched, Nenamark 3 has arrived. It's not clear why.

I hesitate to even call Nenamark 3 a benchmarking app. It's designed like a game - the benchmark proceeds through levels, each level having up to four tests. But the benchmark ends as soon as your device can't reach a steady FPS arbitrarily determined by the Nenamark app. So instead of a useful score like an average FPS or the time it took to complete the test, my Nexus 5X gets a score of "3-0." Uhh... thanks?


It gets worse - Nenamark 3 doesn't allow you to change the resolution, so if your phone has a high-res screen it might perform worse than a budget phone. We also ran Nenamark 3 on the Moto Z, and it scored 3-1 because its Quad HD screen had to render many more pixels than my Nexus 5X's panel. My 5X made it all the way to 3-0 before dropping below the buttery smooth 60FPS.

The user interface itself is extremely limited. As mentioned before, there is no option to change resolution. And while Nenamark's FPS counter only goes up to 60, it really doesn't even matter. In the end, Nenamark manages to mostly fail at its one purpose - to benchmark a device's graphics capabilities. It does succeed at being totally bizarre, though. Maybe Nenamark 4 will address these issues in another six years. You can get Nemamark 3 on the Play Store now.

Developer: Nena Innovation AB
Price: Free