If you're looking for a current flagship, desire a smaller phone, and don't want to spend an astronomical amount of moola, the Galaxy S7's a pretty decent choice. It may not be the top dog in Samsung's lineup, but it's equipped with a fantastic camera, a beautiful display, and water resistance. Now, you can pick one up for a penny under $430 from an eBay seller with 98.8% feedback spread over nearly 116k ratings.

Don't let the fact that these S7s were originally Sprint models scare you away. They've been GSM unlocked and can be used with pretty much any US carrier, save for Verizon. For AT&T and T-Mobile, the SM-G930P's bands offer great compatibility. There's even Band 12 LTE for those of you on the Uncarrier. It's worth noting that Sprint didn't put any carrier branding on the exterior, usually pushes updates quickly, and doesn't bloat the software up too badly.

This deal might remind you of one we featured around a month ago; however, these S7s are being sold by a different eBay seller and are available in a shiny, bling-tastic gold. Like last time, these are in "new other" condition, meaning they've been opened, but should have minimal damage, if any. In case you're worried about defects, these come with 6-8 months of warranty left. You also may not get an IMEI-matching box. And lastly, while the S7s featured last time included OEM headphones in the box, these don't.

Provided that you don't care about a non-matching box, the possibility of some blemishes, and the lack of OEM earbuds (trust me, they're not that good anyway), this is a nice deal. The seller is based in Maryland and will ship the phone to you for free if you're located in the US. If you live elsewhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or Australia, the seller will still ship to you, but you'll have to pay extra for international shipping.