YouTube Red, Google's premium video service, can now be subscribed to by our friends in Mexico. Prior to today, YouTube Red was only available in Australia, New Zealand, and obviously the US. With the addition of Mexico, Red is now purchasable in a whopping four countries.

YouTube is in talks with Mexican content creators regarding producing YouTube Red Originals for Red subscribers in Mexico, though nothing has been finalized yet. Red Originals are exclusive content that only Red subscribers can view. Currently, popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Lilly Singh, and Rooster Teeth make videos for the premium subscription service, but the addition of Mexican YouTubers would definitely entice more Mexicans to subscribe.

In addition to exclusive content, YouTube Red also gets rid of advertisements, allows videos to play in the background, and makes videos downloadable to your device. Plus, it includes Google Play Music All Access, which lets you treat Google Play Music's entire library as your own.

In Mexico, YouTube Red costs 99 pesos (approximately $5.46 USD) per month, which makes it a whole lot cheaper than Red is in the US ($9.99). If you're located in Mexico and want to subscribe, you should be able to here.

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