Adam Jensen, cyborg protagonist of the well-received Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its upcoming sequel Mankind Divided, didn't ask for this. It's something he likes to remind everyone right before he hacks through a locked door, sneaks behind a cybernetic guard, and impales him with an augmented blade-limb. And we didn't ask for Deus Ex GO, a turn-based, board game-style reinterpretation of the series for mobile phones and tablets... but we're glad it's here anyway.

Square Enix is following up the GO treatment of its Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises with a detour to the sneaky, stabby, hacky world of Deus Ex. If you've never played one of the popular first-person action games, they take place in a near future setting where genetic enhancement and cybernetic body augmentation have been taken to extremes, giving ordinary humans superhuman physical attributes and blending their brains with computers. This causes conflict on a societal level, which the player has to navigate and resolve, usually by killing a lot of people in various creative ways.

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Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO were surprisingly great games, reworking their source material into a turn-based setup that focused on planning and decision-making rather than straight action. This side-story to the Deus Ex franchise looks like more of the same, and that's a very good thing. Players progress step by step to infiltrate enemy buildings, take out guards with Jensen's augmented abilities, and advance the plot through 50 missions. A new one will be coming every weekday according to the description.

The visuals are somewhat low-poly (the better to work on a wider array of mobile hardware), but keep the clean, clinical futurism of Human Revolution. Players can unlock goodies for Mankind Divided by playing the mobile game. Deus Ex GO is $5, with in-app purchases for puzzle hints topping out at $8.

Deus Ex GO
Deus Ex GO
Price: $5.99+