For the last year, Googler Benson Leung has been waging a one-man war on bad USB accessories. Going forward, he'll have some help in the form of the USB Implementers Forum itself. The USB-IF has announced a certification program complete with a handy little logo. If you see that logo, you'll know the accessory in question is in compliance with the spec and won't break your gear.

The USB-IF is a support organization that promotes the adoption of new USB standards. With all the confusion over fast charging and the Type-C transition, some clarity was needed. Manufacturers will be able to submit charging hardware for testing, which will be based on the USB power delivery and USB Type-C specifications. Passing chargers will get to use the certified logo, which will also list the power capabilities in watts—no more squinting at the regulatory markings.


The USB-IF didn't announce any details of the program—that's something manufacturers will have to figure out by contacting the organization. Presumably, there will be some cost involved. It could be well worth it, though. Having a certification label is a bit more formal than simply saying your charger is "Benson-approved. "