Snapchat is quickly becoming the place where teenargers, young adults, and even older generations share what they're doing and communicate with each other. Now the service is looking to buy Vurb, a start-up specialized in mobile search, recommendations, and discovery.

Vurb had won TechCrunch's Disrupt in 2014 with its idea of a mobile search engine that serves you relevant results in the form of cards from the apps you care about most, like Yelp, Google Maps, Fandango, Netflix, Uber, and so on, and combines them together in a way that makes sense: take a ride, watch a movie, get dinner, get another cab home. But just this month, it also announced its 3.0 update with recommendations and discovery to help you find relevant news and things to do. It also improved on its community aspect with public decks to view collections of cards from a certain region or related to a specific topic.

It's easy to imagine why Snapchat would want to be part of that. It could integrate the cards in chats to make it easier to plan things with friends, it could also use the recommendations to complement its Discover tab, and it could bundle Vurb's decks or cards into relevant snaps that talk about the same topic.

According to The Information, Snapchat is in the closing stages of talks to buy Vurb for $110 Million, 75% of which will be given in stock and 25% in cash, with $75 Million in retention bonuses to keep the company's founder and CEO Bobby Lo. The deal is not final yet, and neither Snapchat nor Vurb have commented on it — Bobbly Lo told TechCrunch that he was bound by legal restrictions, which does indeed verify the rumors of a deal being cooked.

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