Google Photos' advertising team has been on fire lately. First, there was that ad about how you won't miss important moments with Photos' "Free up space" feature. Then, there was the one about how even if you jump into a pool, your photos will be safe thanks to auto backup. Now, there's one called "Photos. For Life." that talks about the features the previous two discussed, and more.

This new commercial is quite long at 1:44, but it's worth every second. The video details how photos are becoming easier and easier to lose - your grandfather only had two of them, so they were easy to hold onto. Since your parents stuffed their many pictures into albums which they stored at home, those were also easy to keep track of. Now, because all your photos are on a phone and you take your phone with you everywhere, a lost phone means many lost memories.

The ad goes on to talk about all the different types of photos you'd lose, and how Photos can help you save and organize them. Photos' auto backup feature, search function, and "Free up space" are demonstrated in the ad. It's hard to condense into words, so have a look at it.