If you've never used Google Opinion Rewards, it's an app from Google that periodically sends you surveys and rewards you with Play Store credit. Most questions are usually location-based, asking if you've been to a certain place recently and how you would rate it. But it looks like Google may be using Opinion Rewards to improve YouTube video recommendations.

Earlier today, I received a survey asking about my YouTube history. It's worth noting that if you have YouTube Watch History disabled, you won't get these surveys.

Screenshot_20160815-165423 Screenshot_20160815-165428

Left: A YouTube survey?! Right: Here it asks about a video I watched earlier today.

Screenshot_20160815-165433 Screenshot_20160815-165442

Left: I love Lazy Game Reviews, but 80's video games don't have much to do with John Oliver. Right: Another Classic Game Room video.

The last question compares the two videos and asks which one is the better recommendation for me. I'm sure in the past Google has used clicks to determine the best YouTube recommendations, but perhaps adding Opinion Rewards surveys will improve them further by adding my explicit and non-accidental admissions of likes and dislikes. And any improvement is welcome — they still haven't figured out I won't click on WatchMojo videos.

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