About a week ago, Google released an advertisement about how Google Photos would prevent us from missing the important moments with its "Free up space" feature. The commercial was a big hit - it had to be, considering it was played before videos on YouTube and it aired during the Olympics. For some extra Photos publicity, Google's official Instagram page also released a short video with a generic slab of a phone (with an iOS prompt, mind you) that some crazies thought was an unreleased HTC Nexus. Now, Google has released another ad for Google Photos.


not. a. Nexus. (Ron Amadeo [/u/4567890])

This Photos commercial is about how you don't have to worry about what happens to your phone if you have Google Photos since your pictures will always be backed up. In the video, a guy at a party decides to spontaneously jump into a pool. On the way down, he realizes that his phone is in his pocket, panics, and tries to protect the phone from water by cupping his hand around it, likely to no avail. At the end of the ad, it is revealed that all is good and well because he has Google Photos' auto backup feature.

Have a look at the ad. It's pretty entertaining.