If you're rocking the leaked Nexus Launcher on your device, you might have noticed at least one animation wasn't working. With the current release version of the Google Search APK, tapping on the search button brings up the search bar, but without the fluid animations we've come to expect from Material Design.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, "does one animation really matter?" And the answer is always yes. Reddit user /u/parentskeepfindingme noticed that in the latest Google App beta, there's actually an animation! Here's a capture we took of that new animation.


If nothing else, this shows that Google is moving forward with finishing their new launcher in time for the upcoming Nexus devices. Please note that if you want to see this for yourself, you must be on the latest beta version of the Google app. You can get the latest Search beta APK (v6.3.30) at APK Mirror right here, or via the Play Store if your device shows an update to the app.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free