If you've been using Google Maps in the past couple of days, there are two changes that you may have noticed, or not depending on how lucky you are with server-side switches. The first one is purely cosmetic and the second is something Local Guides and sticklers for accuracy will enjoy.

The location indicator in Google Maps is seeing a small aesthetic change. Instead of the arrow pointer, some users are getting a widening gradient spray. It serves the same purpose, but might be more accurate in saying the general direction you're pointing at by broadening a little bit the field and not trying to pinpoint it precisely. Neither Cody nor I am seeing this new indicator, but two of our readers have it so it seems to either be a server-side change or an A/B test.

google-maps-location-indicator-1 google-maps-location-indicator-2

As for the second change, it's a new Edits tab under your contributions. It was added in version 9.34.0 of Maps; Cody spotted in the teardown, but it wasn't visible then. So it seems to need a server-side flip to show up. Right now, several Android Police members and I can see it, so it might be on for everyone or just spreading to more users. This tab shows all of the suggested changes you've submitted to Maps and their status: whether they're still pending, they've been approved, or have not been applied (and why). Previously, there was no way for you to check whether your edits made it to the public unless you visited each place separately. With this tab, you can easily see all of them.

google-maps-edits-1 google-maps-edits-2

What do you think of the new location indicator? I'm not particularly a fan — I think the arrow looks cleaner and is easier to understand for a new user.

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