Google's TalkBack is something many of us have no use for, but it can be a critical tool for those who do need it. Google first released TalkBack 5.0.2 back in June with Android N Developer Preview 4, but it wasn't covered by AP. That version brought a new, more Material icon, and a menu for Text-to-speech settings. 5.0.4 is the first version available for non-N Preview devices that brings the new icon, Text-to-speech menu, and one new change.

With 5.0.4, Google has introduced a Help & Feedback menu. This menu is pretty self-explanatory; it allows you to get help and send feedback about the service. It also already exists in most other Google apps' hamburger menus. Through the menu, you can search for your issue in a search bar, see the most popular tutorials, browse all of them, or send feedback.

The changelog that Google lists on TalkBack's Play Store listing is for 4.5.1, so ignore that. If this new version of TalkBack isn't available for you yet, you can download it from APK Mirror:

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