How about a little Friday Nexus treat? We've got something you may enjoy - brand-new ringtones and notification sounds from Google's upcoming Nexus devices Marlin and Sailfish. Eight notification sounds and ten ringtones, to be precise. My favorite ringtone, per the above image, is the "Rrring." Though, "Hey hey" is pretty funny, too.

Whoever made these was having altogether too much fun with it - they're just delightful. You can get the notifications and ringtones in ZIP files, links to which are below.

Which is your favorite? I do think I would go slightly crazy if someone saying "Hey" was my standard notification sound, though "Trill," "Note," and "Chime" are all options I've found pretty enjoyable. On the ringtone side, I really adore "Rrring," but "Hey hey" and "Romance" are close ridiculous seconds.

I know, it's not a Nexus release date, but it's something fun to mess around with over the weekend.