I know QC 3.0 is the hot new tech on the market right now, but, in reality, it is only incrementally better than the QC 2.0 technology that it is replacing. If you don't mind a small downgrade in speed, you can pick up the older generation chargers for a fraction of what those sporting QC 3.0 cost.

Aukey just sent me the links to a few coupons it is offering on some of its 'old' QC 2.0 chargers. It has a couple for use in the house and one for the car and all of them are heavily discounted. Here are the descriptions and links.

All the chargers sport one QC 2.0 port, any additional ports are of the standard 2.4A adaptive charging variety. Aukey makes decent products, they aren't fancy, but they work well, and are backed by a 24 month warranty. Want some? Then get some.