The Olympics Games aren't the only sports event happening in Rio this summer. About two weeks after the end of the summer Olympics, the Paralympics Games start on September 7 and last until the 18 of the same month. That timeline doesn't fall within the "August" frame for T-Mobile's free unlimited 4G LTE internet in Rio, and so the company is changing its original plans to fix this oversight.

T-mobile had offered not only to provide free and unlimited 4G LTE to its Simple Choice postpaid customers, but also to not count any roaming fees toward their bill, whether they're calling or texting from Rio. That offer was supposed to be valid only during August, but T-Mobile just announced that it's extending it until the closing ceremony of the Paralympics Games on September 18.

That's the right thing to do, Tmo, so kudos on that. It seems that the company is also extending the same offer to the Paralympics' Team USA family members that it did for the Olympics: two free smartphones (Galaxy S7 Edge), free T-Mobile service, and a Samsung Gear 360 per athlete, while supplies last.