LG has just announced that its upcoming V20 (of which renders have just leaked) will feature a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. For anyone that appreciates sound quality, this is great news. Last year, LG wowed audiophiles with the ESS SABRE 9018 DAC and 9602 Headphone Amplifier it put into the V10. However, audio quality suffered on the G5. It sure didn't help that the Bang & Olufsen "Friends" module pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth.

The company's press release describes a Quad DAC as something that delivers concert-like audio. LG claims that this DAC is better than normal ones in that it can reduce up to 50% of ambient noise levels. They also tout the V20's ability to distinguish different sources of sound and separate them.

LG and ESS are making big claims about the V20's audio performance. Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics, describes the V20's audio as "best in class," while Robert Blair, president/CEO of ESS Technology, says, "...Quad DAC on the V20 will make users feel as if they are carrying around a professional home-audio system on their smartphone."

Big claims. We'll have to wait until September 6th to see if Cho's and Blair's boasts hold up.

Press Release


LG and ESS Technology Collaborate to Deliver One-of-a-Kind Audio Experience

SEOUL, Aug. 11, 2016 — LG Electronics (LG) announced that its forthcoming flagship smartphone, LG V20, will be the first smartphone in the industry to feature 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) capabilities, bringing a superior audio experience to mobile for the very first time.

A Quad DAC delivers a crisp and clear sound that comes closest to a live performance when using compatible wired headphones. The sound is superior to that produced by a traditional DAC as it can reduce up to 50 percent of ambient noise levels. Videos taken with the V20 are accompanied by a soundtrack that can capture the roaring sound of waves crashing on a beach or conversations among two individuals at a noisy party.

LG worked closely with ESS Technology, a leader in high-performance analog and audio devices, to ensure that the Quad DAC, delivered the best audio experience for owners of the LG V20. The Quad DAC is the lynchpin of the many cutting-edge multimedia features included in the LG V20. ESS Technology previously provided its 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC in the V10, LG V20’s predecessor.

“As smartphones mature, we’re seeing more and more customers looking beyond just fast processors and big displays in their devices,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics and Mobile Communications Company. “Higher quality audio is simply the natural evolution of the smartphone, as the industry moves toward a more holistic multimedia consumption experience. We’re pleased to continue this long-term partnership with ESS and bring best in class audio to LG V20 users.”

“We are extremely excited that our Quad DAC technology will be featured in the V20, LG’s latest flagship smartphone for consumers who demand the best media experience,” said Robert Blair, president and chief executive officer of ESS Technology. “As a technology more typically available in high-end audio equipment, Quad DAC on the V20 will make users feel as if they are carrying around a professional home-audio system on their smartphone.”