The Google Play Developer Console app isn't a piece of software most of us will use. It's aimed at the folks who make the apps the rest of us download, not the other way around. But more than a few of you are developers, so you might want to check out the latest version of the app. The update brings new ways for you to find what the rest of us feel about the stuff you make.

When a new review comes in, you can tell the app to send a notification. A filter option lets you make your way through the reviews that are already there.


Left: Review notifications, Right: Review filters

Other changes affect how you deploy your app. When A/B testing, you can review the results inside the app. And when you're ready to deploy your software to more people, you can up the percentage of a staged rollout.


Left: A/B testing, Right: Staged rollout

Speaking of which, if you aren't yet seeing the update in the Play Store, you can grab it on APK Mirror.

Google Play Console
Google Play Console
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free