TripIt is one of those apps that has been on Android for ages and has struggled to look not terrible pretty much the whole time. It's not going to make your eyes bleed these days, but the latest update does still have some questionable UI decisions. For example, that bottom navigation bar that is so clearly ripped right from the iOS app.

Here's the full changelog.

  • Added a navigation bar at the bottom of your screen that allows you to quickly jump to whatever you need.
  • Enhanced your itinerary with a new timeline layout that shows you where you are within your trip.
  • Added a floating action button that allows you to quickly add plans. • Included a bonus for TripIt Pro users—color-coded flight information that indicates the status of their flight.
  • Now refresh by pulling down on your screen.

Adding a bottom bar to Android apps is no longer forbidden by the design guidelines, but it's supposed to be used only when an app warrants it. In this case, TripIt seems to have just taken the UI from its iOS app and ported it to Android. The icons are the same, and what's that "More" item doing in there? That's not supposed to be a top-level destination in Android apps. And Pro? It's just a list of features, not something that users need access to frequently. Basically, this navigation design is a mess.

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To balance out the dumb iOS-style nav bar, TripIt now also sports a floating action button. It lets you add plans more quickly than opening a menu. It's also color coded for pro users to indicate flight status. There's pull to refresh in this update too. You can't really complain about the itinerary timeline either. The update is live in the Play Store, and it's still one of the more full-featured travel apps available despite the weird UI issues.

TripIt: Travel Planner
TripIt: Travel Planner
Developer: TripIt, Inc.
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