Inbox might be one of Google's most controversial products - some love the time-saving features and some hate them (such as our Glorious Leader, Artem). That's not going to stop the Inbox team from adding more productivity innovations though; new to Inbox this time is Trello, GitHub, and Google Alerts integration.

With Trello and GitHub integrations, it's pretty clear Google is angling at professionals like developers and designers with these additions. Both of them work like the other integrations, grouping and categorizing emails from the services into an easy to read list, which should reduce clutter in the inbox and improve readability. Also added is Google Alerts, which monitors the web for 'interesting new content' (it sounds similar to Google Now's new 'Explore Interests' card); with the Inbox addition, the Alert email will now be easier to read, much like the glanceable newsletter emails that were added to Inbox back in April.


Main image: GitHub and Trello integration. Above: Google Alerts integration.

Other new Inbox features include deeper Google Drive integration, drag-and-drop for bcc, cc and to contacts, and deleting from Inbox as easily as 'mark as done.' Overall, these will be welcome additions if you use Inbox, especially if you're a Trello and/or GitHub user. The new features are probably server-side switches, but there's a new version of Inbox out, 1.29, so it might be wise to install it just in case. It can be found on Google Play or APK Mirror.

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
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