Pretty much every media company that has so much as a pinky toe dipped into the sports pool wants a bit of that lucrative fantasy market, and since ESPN is (allegedly) nothing but sports, you can bet they're making a go of it. Previously the Disney subsidiary published dedicated fantasy apps for both football (that's the American kind with the big dudes in armor, not the other kind with the little dudes in shorts) and baseball, but now they're consolidated into a single app, and basketball and hockey can come along for the ride.

The new listing for the more generic "ESPN Fantasy Sports" is re-using the one that used to be dedicated to football, so presumably baseball fans can forget about the other listing. Or at least they could, if it wasn't August and the baseball season wasn't already rocketing towards the playoffs in late September or early October. So, yeah, I'm assuming that the whole point was to get the app ready while all those NFL fans were waiting for the pre-season to start. (A week late. You idiots.)

Aside from the addition of three new sports, the app gets a UI makeover, a new draft system, and "improved video playback and social sharing." It looks more or less like any other fantasy app, but the latest Play Store reviews are saying that the new interface is confusing and has broken the draft. So, not a great start.

ESPN Fantasy Sports
ESPN Fantasy Sports
Developer: Disney
Price: Free+