Buying a house has taught me that everything is expensive and that you have to do your best to save money at every opportunity. Pennies here, dollars there, a few tenners over there, they all add up nicely when you sit down and do your math. So that's why I am a bit envious of you folks in the US and these frequent deals we keep seeing on Sony TVs.

This one for example is on the 43" XBR-43X830C. This isn't a movie theater TV by any means, but it can do the job for a midsize room just fine. It has a 4K resolution, an LED panel, 4K streaming from Netflix and YouTube, and it runs Android TV and is Cast-ready. So you won't need to buy a separate Android TV box or a Chromecast to use apps or stream content from your phone. Nice. I should note though that this is the 2015 model.


Amazon currently has it for $646.94, and that's basically the lowest it has ever been on the site. But what's lower than that? $579.99. Yup, that's about $67 less than Amazon's price and you can find it on eBay from BuyDig. You'll have to click to reveal the price, because it's that low. Shipping is free in the US and there's a service warranty for 12 months in the US.

The same eBay listing is now showing the TV reduced to $549.99 instead of $579.99.