Want the most premium Nexus money can buy? Now's a good time to grab one. Amazon and Best Buy are both selling the 64GB Nexus 6P for $130 off. This is the biggest discount we've seen either retailer offer yet, surpassing the last deal by $30. That's down from a starting price of $549.99.

$419.99 is not a bad price for an aluminum smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen, and speedy Android updates. That number is only slightly higher than the Nexus 5X's original price of $399.99. The 6P is a bit big for my tastes, but I'm told large phones are in.

The 64GB Nexus 6P comes with more internal storage than most phones (albeit with no microSD card slot), but it's not the largest size Google offers. This discount doesn't apply to the 32GB or 128GB models. Nor does it include the silver variant. You have your choice of gold or graphite. Links to both are available below.

Amazon - Gold 64GB Nexus 6P
Amazon - Graphite 64GB Nexus 6P
Best Buy - Gold 64GB Nexus 6P
Best Buy - Graphite 64GB Nexus 6P

These prices just keep falling. Now the Nexus 6P is $399 at Amazon and Best Buy (the same links above), and Newegg is getting in on the action as well. Here are the gold and black versions, which seem to be the only ones discounted at the moment. That's a total of $150 off. Newegg includes a free case, selfie stick, and $25 gift card with the phone.