Team Win Recovery Project is the de facto standard for Android custom recoveries. While the open-source project often makes its way to disparate Android phones and tablets by the efforts of interested indie ROM developers, the maintainers of the project work tirelessly to bring official builds out as well. Today no less than seven new devices get the official treatment, and most of them are more niche, low-volume hardware that might not get major attention otherwise.

Here's the full list of new devices:

Users can install TWRP via the standard fastboot tools once their phone or tablet's bootloader is unlocked. Once installed, TWRP makes it easy to root, apply custom ROMs (if any are available), or install any other system-level modifications. Since some of these devices are unlikely to get the same attention as flagships when it comes to updated releases of Android, or even security patches, TWRP and ROM developers might open up some much-needed options for users.

Recovery images are available at the links above, or (if you're already rooted) from the official TWRP app on the Play Store.