The Saygus V-Squared smartphone, which debuted with an intriguing presentation at CES a year and a half ago and was still being changed and promised at MWC in February, still isn't available. Of course it isn't. It's coming any day now, it really is, right after Valve releases Half-Life 3, Apple makes a combination television-car, and Google brings Fiber to [insert your town here]. But Team Saygus is insistent that the development process continues, as evidenced by their latest tweet.

Every wireless product released commercially in the United States needs to be certified for safety and compliance by the Federal Communications Commission, which incidentally often leads to unintentional leaks that gadget bloggers (like us!) live for. Saygus had to pause and restart certification in July thanks to a design defect.

The bureaucratic process isn't especially secret (though manufacturers can request a non-public review for business reasons), but it's a little impenetrable for the layman. Suffice it to say that it's a ton of testing and paperwork, so much so that most manufacturers send their phones and other gadgets to the FCC weeks or months in advance of a retail debut to be safe. Saygus says that the process will be done in "three to four weeks," after which they'll be ready for release... at least in a legal sense. The modified manufacturing for the fixed phone should have begun by now, so on paper they could have a few thousand units ready to ship by the time the certification is finished. That's assuming, of course, that nothing else goes wrong.

Subsequent tweets from Saygus showed off the rear body and glass front of the V-Squared, and said that the company "will be doing all we can to speed up the testing process for FCC/CE." Once those hurdles are overcome, they might just possibly be clear to ship the phones they've been promising to backers since the Galaxy Note 4 was the latest and greatest thing on the market. And incidentally, the Galaxy Note 4 still has better specs than the Snapdragon 801-powered V-Squared, and can be found for approximately half of its $550 pre-order price.