Ting is a pay-as-you-go mobile virtual network operator (say that three times fast) that relies on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. For people who use only a few minutes or megabytes a month, the provider is a cheap way to own a smartphone. But if you measure your data usage in gigabytes, then the savings go away fast.

Every now and then the company announces price drops after it negotiates better rates. The last time around was nearly two and a half years ago. Today another wave is on its way. Now after the first GB of data, each follow-up is $10.

What are the numbers? They're already live on the company's website. Using 1GB will now cost $16 instead of $19. 2GB is dropping from $29 to $20. 3GB has gone from $44 to $30. In short, you can now use 3GB for the price of 2GB.

If you've always been a low-data user, then these discounts won't affect you all that much. The 100MB tier remains $3 a month. 500MB has dropped from $12 to $10.

As for minutes and texts, they're unchanged. That means Ting still isn't the cheapest provider for people who use their phones for talking (unless it's VoIP over Wi-Fi). 2,000 minutes adds $35 to your monthly bill.

Nonetheless, this remains a genuine price drop. There's no trickery going on to get consumers spending more. Ting customers who use the same amount of data this month as last month will see a smaller bill. Nice.