One of Spotify's most beloved features are its playlists. You can create some, listen to those made by your friends or shared by strangers or musicians, and the service also curates playlists that are either tailored for you or available for everyone. Now Spotify is introducing one more personalized playlist: Release Radar.

Dropping every Friday, Release Radar will have the latest singles from your favorite artists — those you listen to the most — so you don't have to go looking for new releases from each artist or band individually. You might also find some new discoveries there as well, but the focus is on the music creators you already love.

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That's Artem's Release Radar, use this information judiciously.

Release Radar is slightly different from both New Music Friday, which introduces you to new music you probably don't know about, and Discover Weekly, which uses algorithms to find songs (new and old) you never heard but that correspond to your listener profile and are usually associated in other people's playlists with songs you already like.

Like any Spotify playlist, Release Radar can be made available offline and will get better the more you use the service. It's private by default, but you can choose to share it too, and it's starting to roll out today.

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