A new update to the Android Wear app is rolling out now to version, but this one carries sad news for those of you who are using the Together watchface and its different features to closely communicate with a friend or loved one.

Introduced about a year ago, Together was a way to pair your watch with a partner's and share sketches, photos, emojis, stickers, and activities. But with Android Wear 2.0's upcoming addition of more interactive watchfaces and messaging features, Together is no longer as unique as it once was.

That's why Together is now living its last days. In the new Wear app update, you'll see a notice of Together being shut down on September 30, with the reason being its redundancy with Wear 2.0.

Now whether this means that Wear 2.0 will be released by that date, before it, or after, we don't know. We think the first two options are doubtful because the Wear 2.0 preview is still on its second release, and Google had revealed there would be 4 milestones, a near final release, and then the official release. If milestones correlated with preview builds (like they did on the N previews), they would have to come every 2-3 weeks for the timeline to meet the September 30 deadline. So it's our guess that Together is being shut down early, before the Wear 2.0 release.

It's also not clear what would happen on watches that won't get the Wear 2.0 update, like the first generation Wear watches. Owners who love Together there won't be able to use it anymore and won't get any of the new abilities from Wear 2.0.

If you want to start mourning the loss of Together, you can update to the latest Android Wear app version from APK mirror if the Play Store rollout is too slow for you.

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