In the past year or so, I haven't had the time or opportunity to travel or explore new countries and cities. What I do have time for is my job where I sit behind a desk and write about people who are traveling and enjoying new places and who also have enough free time to use Snapchat to chronicle their trips... Oh how I envy their lax lifestyle.

Anyway, these people — you or your friends or your kids or your parents even — now have a new feature in Snapchat that uses their location to show appropriate stickers to add to photos or chats. They're called, unimaginatively, Geostickers. And they're available in a short list of cities around the world: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Honolulu, London, Sydney, São Paulo, Paris, and Riyadh.


Introducing Geostickers!
* Geostickers are special stickers available in some of the biggest cities around the world — send them in Chat or stick them on Snaps!

You'll need to have location services enabled to get these stickers to show up, but who cares about privacy when you can send pizza-rat to all of your friends?

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+