Look, Chrome updates are not usually glamorous or particularly interesting, but they are often important. You use Chrome a lot, and even little changes can make your overall experience better. In the latest build to hit the stable channel (v52), video performance has gotten a boost, and it'll use less data.

Google says video will load five times faster now, and it will be run through data saver if you have that enabled. That can save you 50% of the total data by showing you a compressed version. Also apparently in this version are other bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as the return of tab switching in 5.0 and higher.

When we fist saw v52 it had some bananas link handling settings in the flags. That's probably still in there, but it's not implemented in a user-facing way. The new build is still rolling out, but we've got it on APK Mirror for immediate sideloading.

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