Scoff all you like, Google purists: there are a lot of people who double-dip Android and iOS/Mac platforms, and we have the analytics to prove it. Those of them who subscribe to Apple's paid Music service (which is built off the bones of ye olde Beats Music) will be happy to hear that the Android version is now out of beta. It was available publicly on the Play Store before, but now it's formally released for everyone. Huzzah.

There doesn't appear to be much in the way of new stuff now that the beta period is over. The changelog posted by Apple Music's development team lists new equalizer settings in the changelog, along with "a variety of performance, playback, and stability improvements." On top of that, the bump up to version 1.0.0 is fairly unremarkable. More sizeable updates during the beta period added a playback widget, music video support, and more.

Early feedback seems to be somewhat split. While plenty of users love the Music service (including our own Rita El Khoury), there are a huge amount of one-star reviews in the Play Store dragging the combined score down to a mediocre 3.3. Many of those are complaining of heavy slowdown and frequent app crashes, so maybe the app will perform better after the update.

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