We hear regularly from readers who were given confusing (and sometimes alarming) information by the support reps for one company or another. This is almost always a result of the front-line customer service people being misinformed or confused, but the latest Samsung support blunder is a particularly annoying example of this phenomenon. The official Samsung support Twitter account is adamant that the new US unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge won't get updates, but that's just nonsense.

When asked about the delay in getting monthly patches out to the new unlocked variant, Samsung's support replied that it's up to carriers to supply updates. Of course, that's a boilerplate reply when someone complains about updates, but when asked what that has to do with an unlocked phone, the support rep said, "Unlocked U.S. devices do not normally receive updates as they are not attached to carriers." The account followed up with, "Our unlocked devices do not receive updates. This is because carriers push out updates."

And of course, that sounds crazy. We decided to check with Samsung directly to make certain there wasn't some weird issue with the US unlocked phones, and we've confirmed that these phones will get security and system updates. So, take this as a reminder that the customer support reps you deal with are probably less well-informed about the technical aspects of their products than you would expect. Their job is to clear support issues, and sometimes that means saying whatever it takes to make something go away. So, trust no one. Except us. You can trust us. Promise.

Or can you?

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