Smartphones are getting better, generally speaking. There's little doubt of this. Cameras, displays, computing performance, and connectivity see improvements with each passing generation. The adoption of common standards - some that you may not even think about - has helped a lot, too. Everything from the super obvious (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) to the formerly obscure but increasingly necessary (NFC, USB-C) continues to cause smartphones as a whole to commoditize and, on some basic level, homogenize. As a result, intercompatibility of smartphones and content is likely at an all-time high, reducing the incentive to upgrade your device as often. And as the experience has gotten better in most areas (perhaps less in battery life!), the frustrations that caused people to upgrade yearly or even biennially have also probably decreased as a function of that general betterment.

That's some food for thought: for all the complaining we do about our phones (I am more guilty than most), there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the experience overall has been improving very substantially in the last four to five years across the board. Some phones costing under $100 today can truly provide a better overall experience than ones that cost over $500 in 2011.

So, do you find you're holding onto your current phone for an unusual amount of time? How long have you owned it? How long did you own the phone prior to that? This weekend's poll is just about your current, primary smartphone, but I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on phone lifespan generally over the years.

How long have you owned your current primary smartphone?

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