This deal may disappear fast, so I'm not going to waste time with needless banter. currently has the 32GB Nexus 6P on sale for just $347, with free shipping, thanks to a coupon code and a couple of other stipulations. Here's what you need to do to see that price in your cart.

  1. Go to the product listing at
  2. Select the payment option that opts out of free returns and requires payment by debit card.
  3. Add a button battery as a filler item to activate the coupon code (note: three of these items will be added to your cart automatically, leave them there, they are necessary to get the discount).
  4. Proceed to checkout and enter coupon code ELECTRONICSBASH. 
  5. Your total should ring up to $347.13
  6. Stand up and give yourself a pat on the back. You had to work for that deal!

The listing above is for the gold version of the phone, the silver version is also compatible with the coupon code and costs just a dollar more. What are you waiting for? Go and buy one before the deal dies or they go out of stock!