Forgetting children in a car on a hot summer day is, sadly, not that uncommon of a way for young people to die. Hospitals give out notices to new parents alerting them to the risk. But a piece of paper is easy to, well, forget. So Waze is doing its part to reduce the number of incidents.

With Waze's new child reminder feature, you can receive a notification once you reach your destination. You can set a custom message, such as the one below.

Screenshot_20160727-164606 Screenshot_20160727-164616 Screenshot_20160727-164704

The feature has appeared in the beta and shows up in the changelog. It's available under app settings, underneath the options to prevent auto-lock and keep Waze on top. If you find the reminder annoying, you can disable it from the shortcut in the pop-up window.

But make sure you aren't forgetting your kid before you do.

What's New:

** NEW** Child reminder alert in the end of a drive - In the end of your first drive, you should see a pop up to opt-in to use this new feature. Please accept it and give us feedback for this new feature.

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