As we reported yesterday, SwiftKey's synchronization service has been down for several days. At the time, there was speculation that the outage was related to reports from users that they were getting predictions from other accounts. That's not speculation anymore—in a brief post on the SwiftKey blog, the company confirms that it disabled sync because of the prediction bug.

The first reports of this issue began popping up almost a week ago. While using SwiftKey, people were seeing predictions that were entirely unfamiliar to them. SwiftKey is supposed to use your typing data to tailor predictions, but the servers were delivering data to the wrong accounts. That led (in a few cases) to entire email addresses being suggested to the wrong users. There were also less troubling, but amusing NSFW scenarios.

We reached out to SwiftKey for the second time yesterday regarding the prediction issue after posting about the outage. We still haven't received a reply from PR, but the blog post indicates the outage is intentional. While SwiftKey maintains that only a small number of users were affected by the sync bug, it opted to shut down sync for everyone until it can fix the issue. The app will also be updated to remove email address predictions altogether. It's nice that SwiftKey took steps to address the prediction leakage, but not explaining the situation until people started asking questions was shady.