Nest products monitor the many areas of your home, so it's not too much of a stretch to think you will want to view your home by room instead of gadget. The latest app update does just that. Nest's new Spaces view groups together all of the Nest products in your home by the room they're in.

The Nest app automatically enables the Spaces view if you have at least one camera connected to your account. That's not to say you need to own a Nest Cam to make the magic happen, as you can enable Spaces manually. Then you can watch live video streams from the home screen.


Products that haven't received a name yet are grouped together as "Unassigned," and some may need to be moved around, especially if you have cameras in multiple bedrooms with the same name.


Another big addition is the ability to share a password protected live view of a camera on Or you can continue to leave it public for anyone who has the link. You know, if you're fearless that way.

Here's the changelog.

What's New:

We have several new camera features for you.

  • Spaces groups your Nest products by room, and lets you see all of your cameras in one view
  • Share a password protected live view of your camera on
  • Video quality improvements

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free