The Android TV interface is easy to navigate. Browse the tiles using the d-pad and enter apps with the Select button. A play/pause button does what it says, and the Home button takes you back to the homescreen. Simple.

But things can still be simpler, so Android N is providing a few more navigation options. You can now long press the Select button on a tile to uninstall the app.

screenshot screenshot-1

This saves you a trip to the Settings screen. For those unfamiliar with Android TV, this meant finding the Settings tile, navigating to apps, and selecting the uninstall option. It's very similar to the experience on phones, but with more scrolling.

Back to the changes. You can long press the Home button to pull up your recently open apps.

screenshot-2 screenshot-3

These changes have been around for several developer previews, but that doesn't mean they can't go away before Nougat's official release. Nothing is final until it's final.

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  • Arthur Tucker