For years, Republic Wireless has offered inexpensive plans and interesting WiFi calling features, but the selection of phones was extremely limited. That changes today. After announcing a new GSM network partner and smartphone portfolio, both are live today. You can pick up devices like the Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 for use on Republic Wireless right now.

Older Republic Wireless phones were Motorola devices with special firmware that flipped automatically between WiFi and cellular for calls and data. This led to delays in updates because new OS versions had to be modified with Republic code. Those low-level customizations are no longer needed, so you can get one of these devices from Republic Wireless (pricing looks similar to other retailers) or just bring your own unlocked phone.


There are nine phones included in this first batch. Here's the full list (Republic offers financing too, but it's kind of expensive).

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - $799
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - $699
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 - $179
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - $549
  • Nexus 6P by Huawei - $499
  • Nexus 5X by LG - $349
  • Moto X Pure Edition - $349
  • Moto G4 - $199
  • Moto G4 Plus - $299

All Republic plans come with unlimited calls and SMS, but you pay more for better (and more) mobile data. For $15 per month you get no mobile data. At $20 you get 1GB of LTE, $30 gets you 2GB, $45 is the 4GB tier, $60 is 6GB, and $90 equals 10GB of monthly data. Republic Wireless hasn't just come out and said its GSM partner is T-Mobile, but it's T-Mobile. If T-Mobile works well where you live, Republic will work well with these new phones. You can even get $100 off the Nexus 6P if you order soon (first 1000 only). That matches the sale going on around the web.