Pre-orders for Moto's new flagships went up last week, but today is the day the phones go officially on sale. Both the Moto Z DROID and the Moto Z Force DROID are available for purchase at Verizon's website and the prices are like we discussed earlier.

You'll have to pay $624 for the regular Z or divide that up into $26 monthly installments over 30 months. As for the Z Force, it's about a hundred dollars more, costing $720 upfront or $30 per month for 30 months.

You can also grab a Mod if you want that, but you'll have to be ready to shell out serious cash for some of them. The cheapest Style Shell will run you $19.99, the Incipio Power Pack starts at $59.99, the JBL speaker is $79.99, and the projector is $299.99. Verizon has a small offer running whereby you get 20% off consequent Mods after you add the first one to your cart. The discount obviously applies to the cheapest Mods.

By now, if you've had your eyes on one of these Moto Zs, I hope that you've already grabbed the Best Buy offer — that one was fantastic compared to the measly 20% off Mods that Verizon is offering here. And if you haven't purchased it yet, you might want to read Ryan's full review of the phones before making any rash decisions.