Titanium Backup still looks like it was stuffed in a time capsule in 2011 and never gotten out of it, but who cares. The app provides backup and restore features that make the lives of every root and custom ROM user several folds easier, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities. And it's not like it's been abandoned: the developers keep updating it and today it's reached version 7.5.

With this release, Titanium Backup is adding Android N support so you can finally use the app if you're running the latest dev preview. But it's also introducing a new feature: MyTi.cloud backups. MyTi.cloud is not ready yet — the developers are aiming for an early 2017 launch date — but you can sign up now for the cloud and benefit from early bird pricing: 10GB for CHF 12, 20GB for CHF 23, 50GB for CHF 51, and 100GB for CHF 96. The rates between CHF and USD are almost equal so you can look at those numbers as their equivalent in dollars.

But what is MyTi.cloud? It's a secure cloud storage with servers located in Switzerland — hence the CHF prices — that is under the protection of the Swiss legal framework and its Federal Act on Data Protection. It should thus be safe, private, inaccessible by anyone but you, and with no ads or tracking. You can read more about MyTi.cloud at the source links below.

Both users of Titanium Backup free and pro can subscribe to the early bird now and get a free one-year extension to their contract. Non early bird prices haven't been disclosed, but they should, logically, be more expensive than this.


• Added support for MyTi.cloud in TB Free & PRO — check out our Early Bird offers before it launches!
• Added support for Android 7.0 Nougat Developer Preview 5 (NPD90G).
• Added a "Configure cloud storage" button to the Schedules view.
• Updated translations.