After finally launching in Japan last week and France yesterday, racking up 50 million downloads in the process, the world's favorite augmented reality game has arrived in Hong Kong, according to the game's official Twitter and Google+ accounts.

In case you've been living under a rock, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game where players walk around the real world with a smartphone and attempt to catch 'Pocket Monsters' (hence the name) and then fight players on another team for control of 'gyms.' Pokéstops, real world locations placed in the game, are used to acquire new items, mostly Pokéballs and eggs to hatch new Pokémon.

Looking at Pokémon GO's pretty incredible rise, it seems as if the game's popularity isn't going to wane any time soon, probably due to the 'exclusivity' factor used to release the game gradually all over the world - in other words, people want what they haven't got and others have. Unfortunately, since Nintendo's investors have realised that the Japanese company didn't actually make Pokémon GO, the stock has dropped. Since it owns a considerable amount of The Pokémon Company though (although not Niantic, who developed the technology behind the game and their previous effort, Ingress), Nintendo shouldn't do too badly out of all this.

That's not going to stop the game racking up more and more downloads though. For those Hong Kong trainers, the game is available in the Play Store now, or alternatively at APK Mirror.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+