Google Camera v4.1, which has shipped with Android N (Nougat is still a little tough to say) dev preview 5, has been a treasure trove of new features. It introduced UI tweaks and new animations with plenty of little changes, then we also discovered that it has the much requested feature to pause video recording. But now we're finding another very hidden option of the camera: a twist gesture.

When you've got your viewfinder up, you can twist your phone away from you and then back on its vertical axis for a couple of times — think twist gesture on Moto devices — and that will switch between the front and back camera. The gesture is a little awkward: each time I do it, I feel like my phone is belly dancing in my hands. It's even more awkward when you try to do it in landscape where you twist it on its horizontal axis. But once you got the gesture and speed right, it works. I find that a fun way to switch between the two cameras, especially when you've already launched the viewfinder and gripped your phone in a way to get ready to take a photo.

Google Camera 4.1 is included with the latest developer preview of Android N. We have extracted the APK on APK Mirror, but it seems to only work on Android 7.0 right now.

Google Camera
Google Camera
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